Quartz is an engineered/man-made product which is comprised of natural aggregates and man-made additives which gives the end user a maintenance free product with a minimum 25 year warranty. 

Quartz slabs are virtually identical to the samples you see, more durable than granite and stain resistant. 

Below are just a few of the over 300 samples we house in our showroom.

- Metro Linx Head Office

-Canadian Revenue Agency 1 Front Street

-Teatro Verde Yorkville

- Via Rail 123 Front Street

- Pickering College

-Pearson International Airport: Terminal 3 Washrooms                

-Pearson International Airport: Maple Leaf VIP Lounge                

-Ajax Public Library

-Warner Brother Music

-Scotia Bank: 44 King Street

High Profile Projects:




Granite is a product of mother nature. Samples you see here will vary from slab to slab. Once we narrow down the color, you will have the opportunity to view the actual slab we will be using for your project. Even though Granite is a strong durable product we can not stress enough, these are products of mother nature! Granite requires sealing annually. Most natural stones have blemish's, natural imperfections and color variations which granite lovers feel add to the beauty of the stone.